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Friday Flashback ~ The Older Girls in Our Family will Remember these Skirts ~


Marjorie Lucas made them from cotton print from the 5c to $1.00 Store in Marmora.

They are listed at $40.00 plus on the internet.

Even today, using very good fabric, they would cost about $8.00 at the most.

I have not seen a skirt like this since I was a kid.

I was so proud of my skirts.

Evelyn (our cousin) had so many of these skirts.

Would the girls today wear a skirt with suspenders over the shoulders?


Remembering Our Mother on Her Birthday ~

Mom, Dad and Baby Jeanne

Dad, Mom, Jeanne


One of Mom’s favourites – –


Friday Flashback ~ Jeanne Leaves for Her First Year at Queen’s University ~ 19–

Jeanne leaves for Queen's 001

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Remember When ~ Provost Family Group Pictures ~

Provost Family 1990Provost family


Remember When? ~ 1949 ~

Old Provost Family Pic - 1949

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Grade 2 – Marmora Public School ~ 1946 ~ Grade 2 Classroom was in south-east corner of what is now the Legion Bldg. ~

 Back Row – Albert Pattison, Ron Wells, Mike Kouri, Leo Provost, Doug Davidson, Harvey Martin, Sid Revoy, Ralph Martin, Bobby Rollwagon

2nd Row – Teacher Miss Taft, Joan Vilneff, Marion Chrysler, Annette Provost, Gladys Brown, Carol Fraser, Billy Higginson , Glen Kelsh, Lorne Cronkright, Joe Wright, Kenny Hay

3rd Row – Donna Osborne, Marion Wells, Helen Vanstone, Joyce Stone, Marie Empey, Patricia Spry, Carol Rombough, Shirley Leonard, Joyce Sanders.

Grade 2


Interesting Photos from Marmora Historical Society Website ~ Will post throughout the week ~

Fernand Provost - Grandpa's youngest brother

Not difficult to find Fernand to the left of the student holding the slate with date.

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Provost Family Photo ~ All Seven ~ 1949 ~

The Provost Family - 1949 -

The Provost Family – 1949 –


Mystery Photo # 15 ~ Do you recognize this little child? ~ Open to Everyone ~

Provost CB

How old is this child today?


Mystery Photo # 12 ~ Can You Identify This Young Girl? ~

Mystery Photo # 12

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